We Brits don't hear much from Daihatsu these days, but the Japanese brand hasn't lost its talent for producing microcars, vans and trucks we secretly want. The major difference is that Daihatsu's going electric at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show in a few weeks. Three of them are utilitarian offerings, but the other is a high-riding, open-roof machine that seems built for cruising.

In case you don't remember the 1980s or came into existence after that decade, Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota that focuses on compact models, particularly Japan's kei class of small vehicles. They share some tech. Earlier this year, Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu announced a plan to collaborate on a platform for next-gen mini-commercial electric vans.

The Daihatsu Osanpo (pictured below) is the brand's quirky-looking electric roadster. The name means "to walk" in Japanese, and a translation from the automaker claims the vehicle "allows you to enjoy the comfort of the open air as easily as going for a walk." The model measures 3,395 millimetres long.

Gallery: Daihatsu Osanpo

Daihatsu also has the boxy Me:Mo EV concept. It features a rectangular shape with short overhangs. However, the large windows would allow plenty of natural light in the cabin. This is a compact machine at just 2,955 mm long.

Daihatsu me MO Concept

The Uniform Cargo and Uniform Truck concepts are Daihatsu's other EVs for the show. They're essentially the same vehicle, except the truck has a taller roof, and the other looks more like a van.

The company imagines these as compact commercial vehicles, and they would have removable interior and exterior parts. Both versions measure 3,395 mm long.

Daihatsu Uniform Cargo Concept

Daihatsu Uniform Cargo Concept

Daihatsu Uniform Truck Concept

Daihatsu Uniform Truck Concept

In addition to the four EVs, Daihatsu will bring a concept for a reimagined Copen roadster to the show. It's larger than the existing model. Under the bonnet, a 1.3-litre engine drives the rear wheels, while Copen, currently on sale uses a 658-cc three-cylinder making 63 bhp. Daihatsu didn't announce output specs for the new show car.

Gallery: Daihatsu Vision Copen

The Japan Mobility Show runs from 26 October to 5 November at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Centre. InsideEVs will be there in a few weeks to see what Daihatsu and the other Japanese automakers have in store to take on a rising Chinese electric vehicle industry.