A scene that looks like it’s out of an Elon Musk-directed film was caught on camera yesterday at the SpaceX Starbase in Texas by the person behind the Starship Gazer YouTube channel, who managed to point the camera at a Tesla Cybertruck towing a massive rocket engine on a trailer.

According to the description of the video embedded above, the all-electric pickup was towing a Starship Raptor Vacuum engine, which reportedly weighs around 3,500 (1,590 kilograms) pounds in its standard, Raptor 2 version.

Getting back to the pickup, we don’t know if it’s one of the pre-production release candidate (RC) units or if it’s part of the so-called “manufacturing confirmation” batch that’s supposed to be the last step before mass production begins. However, we can see the now-patented black wheel covers that initially debuted on the 2019 prototype and then made headlines by taking flight on a freeway in California.

The rear full-width LED light bar is also present, as well as the triangular side mirrors and huge single wiper, but we can’t see the license plate to see if it’s a manufacturer or dealer plate.

In any case, this is the first time (that we know of) when a Cybertruck was used to tow a SpaceX rocket engine. Previously, the all-electric pickup that’s yet to be delivered was spotted towing different trailers on the roads of North America and New Zealand, but never something as big as a Raptor engine.

Tesla’s website says that the zero-emissions truck is capable of towing over 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg), so the estimated 3,500 lbs (1,590 kg) of the flame-throwing engine should be an easy task for the utilitarian EV. At the same time, however, the Austin-based company’s Cybertruck page is still showing images of the concept vehicle, so it’s anybody’s guess what the series production car will be capable of.