A new video surfaced online showing a release candidate (RC) Tesla Cybertruck accelerating quite hard from a standstill after waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Shot and published on YouTube by Levi Filippi, the 53-second video was initially posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by another member, but the original source was later revealed in the replies.

It’s worth noting that the less-than-a-minute-long vertical shot embedded at the top of this page is a source of entertainment more than anything else, as we don’t know what speed the electric pickup reached before braking, or what speed the Tesla that followed it was travelling at.

With this being said, all the other cars that were waiting at the traffic light were left behind the accelerating angular pickup, including an internal combustion-powered Ford F-150 that seemed like it was trying to chase the Cybertruck.

It’s also quite clear that the electric pickup that was filmed a couple of days ago was a so-called RC unit, judging from the obvious stickers on the front passenger door and tailgate. In other words, it’s a pre-production model that’s not quite ready for prime time.

With the third quarter – when deliveries of Tesla’s first EV pickup were supposed to start – having come and gone, we can’t help but wonder when the commercial launch of the Cybertruck will finally happen.

Revealed in November 2019, the angular zero-emissions truck was supposed to enter production just two years after its unveiling, but it was delayed over and over again, with the chip shortage caused by the global pandemic partly to blame for the setbacks.

More and more pre-production units have been spotted roaming the streets of the United States and charging at the company’s Superchargers, and a couple of so-called “manufacturing confirmation” units were caught undisguised from the sky. This, coupled with a recent photo that indicates Tesla has reportedly shipped customised apparel for the Cybertruck’s launch team, hints at the idea that the boxy EV will finally be ready for delivery.