The user interface (UI) of the Tesla Cybertruck’s centrally-mounted touchscreen display has been revealed in a short YouTube video posted by someone who speaks Russian, giving us the best look yet at what appears to be the production-intent infotainment system.

We have no idea how the flip-flop-wearing poster got access to the yet-to-be-sold electric pickup, but judging from the map that appears for a split second, it appears the truck was on the back of a transport rig parked somewhere outside Columbus, Ohio, so maybe the impromptu guide was working for a transport company.

In any case, the video shows the interface is very responsive when using pinch to zoom and pinch to rotate, and we get a glimpse of the battery percentage indicator, which was at 84 percent. Unfortunately, even though the man sitting in the driver’s seat tapped on the screen to change the display to remaining miles, this didn’t happen. Perhaps the setting is buried somewhere in the menus or maybe the estimated range functionality isn’t ready yet, we don’t know.

Overall, the layout is similar to what Tesla offers on its other EVs, with the digital gear selector and quick access app drawer on the left, a visualisation of the vehicle on the left-hand side of the screen, and the map view on the right. However, there are some changes, including a low-polygon view of the surrounding terrain and a blurred line between the two halves of the screen, whereas the other EVs in Tesla’s portfolio have a solid line on the screen separating the two sections.

The central display also shows the rear and side cameras, although there’s no 360-degree view, just like all the other Tesla models currently in production. A warning message is also present on the screen, saying that Autopilot and Active Safety features are unavailable, and that a camera alignment is required.

We also get a quick look at the Model X-like sun visors, the hazard lights switch mounted on the roof console that supports the rear-view mirror, as well as the front and rear hexagonal cupholders.

The Cybertruck was revealed in November 2019 and – according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk – deliveries were supposed to start in the third quarter. This didn’t happen, but as the most recent sightings suggest, mass production is almost ready to begin at the company’s Texas Gigafactory.