Back in June 2021, British firm White Motorcycle Concepts first unveiled its WMC250EV at the iconic Silverstone circuit in England. The electric streamliner featured two hub-mounted motors, centre steering, and a giant Venturi duct going straight through the centre of the motorbike. When the rider throws a leg over, the seating position has them straddling that duct, since it goes from the front to the back of the bike.  

It’s a striking design—but more than that, the main point is to reduce drag by channelling air right through the bike rather than simply finding ever more efficient ways to direct airflow around it. In December 2021, WMC followed up that speed record prototype’s introduction by unveiling the WMC300FR first responder scooter.  

This bike, built in cooperation with Northamptonshire Police, took a Yamaha Tricity 300 as its base, and then incorporated WMC’s Venturi duct technology into it. A hybrid electric motor provides a power boost at low speeds, then eases off as the vehicle gets into higher speeds, where it’s powered by combustion. The combination of technologies, White says, result in a more efficient vehicle. Since the Tricity 300 leaning three-wheeler can be operated in the UK with a car license, anyone can ride it. 

Gallery: White Motorcycle Concepts - WMC300AE

Well, anyone who was a UK police constable with access to a WMC300FR could ride it. Fast forward to the end of September 2023, and WMC is finally releasing its first bike to the public. The WMC300AE—short for Aero-Electric—is a limited-edition, consumer-focused evolution of the WMC300FR. Like the FR, it’s based on the Yamaha Tricity 300, and can be operated by anyone in the UK who has a valid car license. 

Just 10 of these limited-edition machines will be made and sold to the public. It features up-spec componentry including Öhlins YA 241 shock absorbers in the rear, an Akrapovič exhaust, EBC Greenstuff brake pads, Hel Performance braided stainless steel brake lines, and K&N air filters.  

There’s also a bunch of carbon fibre in use on the WMC300AE, including the duct and supporting aerodynamic bodywork that channels air through the duct. WMC says that it’s all “aerodynamic grade recycled carbon fibre,” however—in keeping with its theme of carbon emissions reduction. It’s worth noting that the firm doesn’t give further details about the recycling process, however. 

Does this model indicate that we can expect to see more White Motorcycle Concepts designs offered to the public in the future?  

“This is the first application of our duct technology available to the public and offers a limited number of individuals the chance to purchase this very special motorcycle. Because of this, we wanted the AeroElectric Hybrid to feel as premium to ride as it is unique to own. This is the ultimate expression of a reduced carbon city commuter motorcycle,” WMC founder and CEO Robert White said in a statement. 

“It’s our desire to see the duct become a part of all future motorcycle design and the WMC300AE represents the first public model anywhere in the world to incorporate it along with hybrid technology. We are a premium motorcycle concept creation company and do not have the desire to become a mass manufacturer of motorcycles, however where we feel that our technology is suited to an exclusive run, we will create an exceptional version. And the Aero-Electric Hybrid is truly exceptional,” he concluded. 

Price and Availability

As a limited-edition machine, WMC has a form established on its website for anyone in the UK who might be interested in getting their hands on a WMC300AE. Price, the firm says, is “available on application.” The bike became available to the public on 30 September 2023. We’ll include a link in our Sources if you’re interested.