BMW will have a busy 2024 calendar, in which electric cars may not yet be the main firsts, but they will feature prominently. In fact, the Bavarian company is confirming its recent habit of introducing battery-powered models alongside traditionally powered ones.

Next year will see the arrival of all-new vehicles such as the X2 and X3 SUVs, the electric 5 Series Touring and the new M5, but also the restyling of the M4 family, as well as the revamped i4, 1 Series and M3. We also expect the latest preview of the 100% electric Neue Klasse before its debut in 2025.

All the news from BMW for 2024:

BMW 1 Series restyling

The front-wheel-drive compact is one of the models we really hope to see by the end of 2023. It's a restyling that takes a little longer than the usual three years for an update, given that the current generation (F40) arrived in 2019. 

BMW Serie 1 restyling, fotos espía

BMW 1 Series restyling, spy photo at Nürburgring

For now there are images during the usual road tests and also at the Nürburgring, where in particular the M140i version was spotted. The most obvious changes in the restyling of the BMW 1 Series seem to focus on the new but not necessarily bigger grille, headlamps and lights. The interior will see more pronounced changes as it inherits the styling of the 2 Series Active Tourer. 


Name BMW 1 Series
Bodystyle 5-passenger saloon
Engines Petrol and Diesel (to be confirmed)
Arrival date End 2023 (presentation), beginning 2024 (launch)
Prices N.D.


The second generation of the X2 coupé SUV is on its way and should debut exactly one year after the new X1 from which it is derived, i.e. in late 2023. The company has previewed some aesthetic details, including the new illuminated grille.

BMW X2 2024, fotos espía

New BMW X2, spy shot with little camouflage

The X1 itself shows quite reliably the technical content of the sporty SUV, as both share the same base and will therefore be offered in different petrol, diesel and electrified variants, from simple mild hybrids to plug-in hybrids. Electric iX2 variants are expected to be available as well. 

Name BMW X2
Bodystyle SUV coupé
Engines Petrol and diesel light hybrid, PHEV and electric
Arrival date Late 2023, early 2024


BMW M3 and M3 Touring restyling

For the M3 performance saloon and its recent M3 Touring estate variant, the time has come for an update that promises to be more aesthetic than technical, albeit with an improvement in power output over the current model's 480 bhp and 510 bhp. 

BMW M3 berlina y Touring facelift, fotos espía

BMW M3 restyling spy photo

The aesthetics will see an updated front end that appears to focus mainly on the headlights, although a new finish for the large grille surround, which appears masked on the examples photographed, cannot be ruled out. However, it should not be shown before the second half of 2024 and therefore arrive as early as the following year.

Name BMW M3 and M3 Touring
Bodystyle Saloon and estate
Engines Petrol, 3.0 litre, in-line 6-cylinder, twin-turbocharged
Arrival date Second half of 2024
Prices N.D.


The fourth generation of the mid-size SUV will be unveiled in 2024, although there is no precise date for its debut. 

BMW X3 2024, fotos espía

BMW X3 2025 spy photo

Unfortunately, information is as scarce as the data that can be obtained from the camouflaged prototypes. The most likely scenario is an increase in dimensions, with a length of between 4.7 and 4.8 metres, and electrified engines. This will again result in an electric iX3 variant, which will be built on the new electric architecture of the Neue Klasse and is therefore unlikely to arrive before the end of 2025.

Name BMW X3
Bodystyle SUV
Engines Petrol and diesel electrified (to be confirmed)
Arrival date 2024
Pricing N.D.

BMW 4 Series and i4 restyling

The 4 Series family is getting a complete facelift, with a facelift covering all variants, from the Coupé and Convertible to the Gran Coupé and the electric i4. These changes are expected in the early part of the year and should not be major updates.

BMW Serie 4 Coupé, Cabrio y M4, fotos espía

BMW Serie 4 restyling, foto espía

BMW i4 facelift, fotos espía

BMW i4, primera foto espía del restyling

In this case, the images suggest tweaks to the light clusters, with a new design for the daytime running lights, and to the front-end details, but without any revolution, as will be the case for the mechanical range.

Name BMW 4 Series and i4
Bodystyle Coupé, Convertible and Gran Coupé
Engines Petrol and diesel electrified, plus electric
Arrival date Spring 2024
Pricing N.D.

BMW 5 Series and i5 Touring

With the 5 Series saloon coming to market, attention now turns to the estate version which will arrive in the first half of 2024 after a likely late 2023 launch, also in electric version.

BMW Serie 5 Touring PHEV, fotos espía

Nuevo BMW Serie 5 Touring PHEV, la primera foto espía

Nuevo BMW i5 M60 Touring fotos espía

Foto espía: BMW i5 M60 Touring

In terms of engines, it is reasonable to expect exactly the same petrol and diesel ranges, including the new plug-in hybrids just unveiled. The electric i5 Touring that will debut alongside the other models should also be available in eDrive40 and M60 versions.

Name BMW 5 Series and i5 Touring
Bodystyle Station wagon
Engines Petrol and diesel electrified, as well as electric
Arrival date Late 2023 (launch) and spring 2024 (arrival)
Pricing N.D.

BMW M5 and M5 Touring

The launch of the new generation BMW M5, which will be available in saloon and estate variants, is just around the corner and will feature a number of new features. In fact, it will be the first with a plug-in hybrid system, but thanks to it, it will offer record figures. When will it arrive? Given that the 5 Series Touring will debut in the first half of 2024, it's unlikely we'll see the M before the second half.

BMW M5 Touring, fotos espía

BMW M5 Touring, spy shot at the Nürburgring

In fact, the new M5 and M5 Touring will have under the bonnet the same PHEV unit with which it will stop the stopwatch in just 3.5 seconds to go from 0-60 and accelerate, with 'unlock' options, to 300 km/h.

Name BMW M5 and M5 Touring
Bodystyle Saloon and station wagon
Engines Plug-in hybrid
Arrival date Second half of 2024
Pricing N.D.

BMW Neue Klasse

The car that will initiate the next phase of electrification at BMW was presented as a concept car at the Munich Motor Show. It is the embryo, albeit apparently already very close to the final styling, of a saloon from which five other models will be derived. BMW has announced the start of production for 2025, but within the next 12 months it should show us a preview of the car in its final form.

BMW Neue Klasse

The BMW Neue Klasse debuts an 800-volt technology platform that promises to improve energy density by 25 per cent and range and charging times by 30 per cent. In fact, it will be able to gain 186 miles (300 km) of range in just 10 minutes.

Name BMW Neue Klasse
Body Saloon
Engines Electric 
Arrival date Late 2024 (presentation) and 2025 (launch)
Pricing N.D.

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