The automotive industry as a whole is experiencing a significant transformation driven by artificial intelligence. AI tech is increasingly integrated into vehicles to enhance safety, efficiency, and the overall driving experience. From advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that provide features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to autonomous driving capabilities, AI is at the forefront of automotive innovation. Now, BMW has found yet another way to implement the new tech

The German manufacturer wants to take the next step in customer service with its latest offering, Proactive Care that blends data and artificial intelligence. This new service empowers BMW vehicles to autonomously identify existing and predictable service requirements, enabling them to proactively anticipate customer needs and offer timely solutions. The initial applications are now live and the automaker plans continuous enhancements for the future.

Gallery: BMW Proactive Care

For years, BMW vehicles have been sending service-related data directly to dealers, facilitating targeted interactions between customers and dealerships. However, the paradigm shift with Proactive Care is that BMW is taking the initiative to approach customers. It's no longer solely the customer's responsibility to reach out to their BMW partner; now, BMW is reaching out to the customer, the company says.

So, what benefits does Proactive Care offer when servicing becomes necessary? Through data analysis and the recording of customer preferences, it enables tailored solutions. BMW says the digital-first approach ensures that customers are notified through their preferred channels, whether it's the My BMW app, in-car notifications, email, their chosen dealer, or a call from Roadside Assistance.

Proactive Care also enhances the long-term service experience, ranging from self-help tips to flexible support ensuring uninterrupted mobility. It even suggests the right dealer within the global network when a workshop visit is required. Online appointment scheduling and personalised service videos with online payment options are among the many available features.

Proactive Care is a global offering available for all BMW models equipped with BMW Operating System 7 or later, as of version 07/2019. To participate, customers need an active BMW ConnectedDrive contract and must register their vehicle in the My BMW app or portal using their BMW ID and contact details. 

As a final note, just recently, BMW announced its heated seats subscription programme is dead due to the low acceptance rate from customers.