On 21 September 2023, British electric motorcycle maker Arc announced that it’s created a new test ride programme for potential Vector buyers in the UK and North America. Rather than the standard dealership test ride or demo truck experience, Arc says it will bring the Vector to you, at a time that you schedule, so you can test ride it at your convenience on your chosen, familiar roads.  

Here’s the company’s exact phrasing: “As part of Arc's white glove service, Arc Vector Motorcycles can be delivered to a client's residence of choice to test ride at their convenience. This personalised approach ensures that our valued customers can experience the thrill of riding our exceptional motorcycles in the comfort of their own surroundings, at a time that suits them best.” 

The company, which is headquartered in Coventry, England, announced the opening of its first US distributor in Washington state in May 2023. That same month, it announced that the deliveries of its first Vector in China and its first Vector in the US had been made. Later in 2023, noted Arc Vector owner Ryan Reynolds made headlines of both the moto- and celebrity news kinds when he talked about how cool he thinks his Vector is on his Instagram Stories.  

If you don’t happen to be besties with Ryan Reynolds—or if you are, but he won’t let you borrow his Vector for a test ride—then both US and UK potential buyers can have a chat with Arc instead. To be absolutely clear, though, as you would probably expect, not just anyone will be allowed to throw a leg over and shoot off down the road on this extremely fancy electric motorbike. 

According to Arc, prospective test riders “will need to provide proof of ability to purchase and details about their motorcycling history.” No further details about either of those pieces of information are given. For example, there’s no list of acceptable documentation that you can provide to bolster your claims for either thing, like there is when you go to get your passport or driver’s license renewed. 

Instead, you’ll need to have a chat with a member of the Arc Sales Team via its email address at sales@arcvehicle.com to sort those details out ahead of time.