Dashcams can catch wild things on video. For example, just look at this speeding Corvette crashing, spinning, and then keep driving. It's a shocking scene.

The black Corvette speeds down the onramp. The rear end gets loose, and the nose hits the wall. The driver overcorrects the steering wheel and then does a full spin across a few lanes of traffic. The Corvette driver accelerates from the far left lane to the far right. A piece falls off the car, but it appears to be just a tiny body element. The 'Vette is already far in the distance when the 22-second clip ends. Check it out below.


The camera doesn't record audio so we don't know whether the driver reacts to this scene with any surprised expletives. We also can't hear whether other drivers are honking their horns.

The video was originally posted on Reddit's IdiotsInCars sub-forum. Motor1.com reached out to the creator for more details about the incident. Look for an update, if we receive more information.

The available information is that this incident is on Interstate 5 in Seattle, Washington, on 8 September, 2023, at nearly 7 PM local time. The Reddit post went up on 12 September.

The video's resolution is too low to identify the Corvette's license plate number. Without any way to recognise the vehicle for sure, law enforcement would have a challenge tracking down the perpetrator.

Dashcams can catch amazing things. For example, Motor1.com recently covered a video where two dealership employees took a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 on a high-speed test drive while the vehicle was supposed to be receiving repairs. There was allegedly damage to the car, and the shop provided free parts for the repairs.

There's practically a whole genre on YouTube of Tesla dashcam videos capturing a variety of bizarre incidents. For example, a viral clip from one of the EVs caught a wheel coming off a pickup truck and launching a Kia Soul high into the air.