French automaker Renault launched the all-electric version of its Trafic van, completing its electrified light commercial vehicle (LCV) portfolio after the launch of the Kangoo Van E-Tech electric and Master E-Tech electric.

Dubbed Trafic Van E-Tech electric, the new-gen zero-emissions commercial vehicle is set in motion by a front-mounted electric motor that makes 122 bhp and 180 pound-feet of torque.

A 52-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack sends juice to the aforementioned motor and enables a driving range of up to 184 miles on a full charge, while the available “long-range” variant, with its 56 miles per hour limited top speed can go up to 200 miles on a single charge.

Speaking of charge, the French electric van can top up its batteries via a single-phase 7 kW AC charger, a three-phase 22 kW AC charger, which can provide 31 miles of range in less than 25 minutes, or a 50 kW DC fast charger, which will be available next year, Renault says.

The all-new Trafic Van E-Tech electric is available in two body lengths – 5.08 metres and 5.48 m – and two heights – 1.96 m and 2.49 m. It can carry items as long as 4.15 m in the L2 extended version with the trap door in the partition and has a payload capacity of 1.1 tonnes, while the towing capacity is rated at 750 kg. The loading volume ranges from 5.8 cubic metres to 8.9 cu. m.

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With the standard Renault EasyLink multimedia system or the MyRenault smartphone app, users can schedule battery charging and monitor the battery status remotely, schedule the cabin pre-heating, check what charging points are along a specific route, and check what destinations are within reach of the battery’s remaining range.

The all-electric Trafic Van also has a total of 88 litres of storage space in the cab, with 19.7 litres in the centre console, 14.6 litres in the doors, and 54 litres in the bench, while some trims come with a so-called Easylife drawer instead of a classic glove box, which offers an additional 6.6 litres.

The new-generation Renault Trafic Van E-Tech electric will go on sale in Europe in October and deliveries will begin in November, with the French Sandouville factory being responsible for building it. The motors and chargers are made at Renault’s plant in Cleon, while the batteries are assembled at Flins.