The “luxury performance SUV” is a relatively new and highly competitive arena within the automotive world, however plenty of manufacturers have already raised the bar with what these vehicles are capable of and created plush SUVs with the stuff to rival even some supercars with your right foot to the floor.

One of the greatest examples of this performance excellence is the Aston Martin DBX 707, the most performance-focused iteration of Aston Martin’s beautiful, luxurious, and powerful new DBX SUV. It’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine is able to produce an incredible 697 bhp, putting it in one of the world’s highest echelons of performance full-stop, let alone within the luxury performance SUV market. Combine that with Aston Martin’s know how when it comes to British luxury and excellent performance engineering, and you have a vehicle that is simply excellent.

However, when it comes to performance, top speed is one of the most important, anticipated, and exciting measures, and just how fast is the Aston Martin DBX 707? YouTube channel AutoTopNL took to the Autobahn to find out. According to Aston Martin, the SUV is able to reach a breakneck pace of 192 mph. In this exciting video, AutoTopNL takes to the part of the Autobahn which famously lacks a speed limit, and there, the driver is able to come very close to Aston Martin’s top speed claims, reaching 188 mph.

While there was likely still faster speeds that could be reached, rainy weather and other drivers on the highway meant that the driver slowed down in the interest of safety. Even still, seeing a luxury SUV rocket its way to speeds nearing 190 mph is an incredible sight, and shows just how far performance engineering and the automotive world as a whole has come.

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