Two Tesla Cybertruck test vehicles were recently seen driving side-by-side down a highway during the night.

The video was shared by Greggertruck (@greggertruck / X), who points out that both pickups are marked as Release Candidate (RC), which means potentially the final version before series production.

The night scenery allows us to take a closer look at the rear and front lights and to see how the angular pickups look.

One thing that we noticed is that the upper part appears very dark, compared to the silver bottom part. The Cybertrucks also look quite futuristic, kind of like what you might see in a video game.


Another fresh video reveals the Tesla Cybertruck in city scenery, also at night time. We can see how the rear lights change when the vehicle brakes before a speed bump.

It seems that there are no turn signals integrated in the side mirrors.


In one more dark video, this time while manoeuvring, we can hear the artificial sound when reversing.

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be relatively agile for its size, thanks to rear-wheel steering.


The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production later this year, but initially, it might be very limited, especially since it's quite a unique vehicle with a high number of new solutions. High-volume production probably will be possible at some point in 2024.

We are eager to see the specs, pricing, and some info about the number of orders/estimated delivery time. We know that there was a very long queue of people (some say that almost two million orders were placed) but with a very low deposit of $100, which is not enough to determine the real interest in the vehicle.

As we understand, the Tesla Cybertruck introduction is very closely researched by other manufacturers, especially those for which pickups are the core business with high margins. The Cybertruck, if successful, might significantly affect other OEMs.