The Tesla Model S Plaid is a power monster. Producing 1,020 bhp via a tri-motor setup, Tesla's creation is antithetical to the concept that EVs lack performance. Moreover, despite carrying a substantial 99 kilowatt-hour battery, the large saloon isn't particularly heavy compared to other entries. Weighing in at 2,162 kg, the Plaid is 348 fewer kilos than the Mercedes AMG EQE saloon.

The Plaid's setup allows for a zero to sixty time of around 2 seconds using the (arguably devious) industry standard one-foot rollout. After launching to sixty, the Model S Plaid can demolish the quarter mile in 9.23 seconds at 155 miles per hour, according to Tesla. The Model S Plaid gives the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 a run for its money. The iconic French hypercar finishes the quarter mile 9.9 seconds at 148 miles per hour.

While the Plaid is certainly fast enough, it begs the question: how much faster could it be if someone modified it? YouTuber Boosted Boiz put that idea to the test. This Tesla in question was entirely gutted, leaving just one racing seat for the driver. The team removed the doors, leaving what was essentially a drivable chassis.

Enclosing the chassis, the YouTubers implemented a thin metal shell, which likely helped significantly cut the weight. To further reduce the quarter mile time, the team added ultra-sticky race tyres and employed their friend Greg, a racing driver who weighs 35.9 kilos.

It took a few tries at the drag strip, but the Model S shattered a record. Reaching the quarter-mile mark from a standstill in just 8.71 seconds, the modded Plaid reached a speed of 158 miles per hour.

While a fascinating experiment, most Plaid owners would likely rather stick with the stock design than sacrifice 0.52 seconds. It seems that equipped, with all of its creature comforts, the Model S Plaid is within 94% of its peak performance potential.