Mercedes has a strong presence in Munich this week at the 2023 IAA Mobility by showcasing the Concept CLA Class and the new E-Class Estate. It's also exhibiting a camouflaged prototype of the purely electric G-Class coming next year, along with the new E-Class All-Terrain and the updated EQA, EQB, and EQV models. As if that wasn't enough, the three-pointed star also managed to sneak in a car it hasn't formally announced yet.

Say hello to the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance. It was only about three weeks ago when the second-generation AMG GT Coupe was unveiled in "55" and "63" flavours and now the folks from Affalterbach are already previewing a range-topping variant. It might look nearly the same as the already revealed models but aside from the heavily tinted lights, it also has a modified bumper to accommodate a charging port.

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance

Yes, this concept (although it's basically a prototype) is a plug-in hybrid and boasts an electric motor driving the rear axle. It keeps the V8 under the bonnet, and the result is a combined output of more than 800 bhp. That's a massive increase compared to the GT 63 and its "measly" 577 bhp. Torque isn't mentioned but surely, it's way up compared to the 590 pound-feet (800 Newton metres) of the current flagship variant.

By becoming a much larger car (with 2+2 seating) for its second iteration, the AMG GT Coupe is big enough to accommodate the intricate plug-in hybrid V8 setup. In the GT 63 S E Performance, the electrified powertrain is good for a monstrous 831 bhp and over 1,032 lb-ft (1,400 Nm). It remains to be seen whether this new coupe will match those numbers.

As impressive as these specs are, lest we forget the new two-door GT weighs 1,970 kilograms (4,343 pounds). It goes without saying the PHEV variant will be even heavier after adding the electric motor, battery, and so forth.

Look for the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance to morph into a production model in 2024.