For the McLaren brand, 2023 continues to be a monumental year for both supercar manufacturing and competitive motorsports. Alongside introducing new models, programmes, and events, McLaren is also proud to be celebrating its 60th anniversary as a leader in the supercar and hypercar industry. Six decades after Bruce McLaren laid the cornerstone of what would become a legendary brand, McLaren is pulling out all the stops to mark its 60th anniversary in style. 

To commemorate this milestone, McLaren is making waves with a captivating YouTube video featuring not one, but two McLaren Arturas taking to the track in a choreographed ballet of high-octane precision driving.


Founded in September 1963, McLaren has been a symbol of automotive innovation and performance. The anniversary video perfectly embodies the brand's essence, placing the spotlight on the Artura, the latest hybrid supercar in McLaren's ever-evolving lineup. The dual Arturas dazzle as they glide and pivot, showcasing their agility and power, while also highlighting McLaren's commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable mobility.

As McLaren moves into a new decade, this 60th-anniversary celebration stands as a testament to its pioneering spirit and its future-forward vision. It's clear that even after 60 years, McLaren shows no signs of slowing down. So, if you're a McLaren enthusiast, don't miss the jaw-dropping YouTube spectacle. It's a fitting tribute to a brand that's been defining the future of automotive excellence for 60 incredible years. View all McLaren Artura examples currently for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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