The market launch of the Tesla Cybertruck is inching closer and closer to its expected date sometime next month, and the Austin-based EV maker is apparently shifting things into high gear before the start of deliveries, with more and more all-electric pickups being spotted all over the country in the past week.

In this latest sighting, posted on X by the user @KewellXi, a pair of Cybertrucks were seen on the back of a Tesla Semi car hauler, but what’s slightly more interesting is the fact that at one point during the unloading process, one of the pickups had its frunk open, giving us another perspective on how big the front trunk of this highly anticipated vehicle really is.

We still don’t know the dimensions, but judging from the photos in the embedded post below, it looks like the frunk opening is about the same size as the bonnet opening on a midsize ICE-powered crossover/SUV, albeit a slightly different shape.


It’s also worth noting that two of the men you can see in the images appear to be holding the frunk bonnet with their hands, which indicates that this particular vehicle is still a prototype, seeing how it doesn’t have struts or springs to hold it open without help.

We still don’t know what linkage will be used for the trunk opening, but a patent that was reportedly published in June describes a nifty mechanism that includes an actuator, a counterweight member, latches, a switch, a controller, and various sensors. With everything in place, the tailgate and possibly the frunk could be opened and closed remotely from a key fob or the smartphone app.

A previously leaked video that was reportedly shot inside the Austin Gigafactory where the Cybertruck is currently in the pre-production phase shows a smaller-than-expected frunk, at least compared to the the Ford F-150 Lightning, which appears to have a deeper storage area.