Radford Motors has made waves in the art of coachbuilding with the successful debut of its first Type 62-2 personal commission during the illustrious Monterey Car Week. The star of the show was the Type 62-2, a bespoke commission project where Shashi Reddy, the car's owner, closely collaborated with Radford’s design team. Showcasing complete customisation, the configuration combines modern aesthetics and the rich heritage of motor racing.

For the exterior, a deep blue finish was chosen as an homage to the Jaguar D-type XKD 606 that took top honours at the 1957 Le Mans 24 Hours race. The silver lower portion complements the silver-painted wheel centre and rim, offering a contrast to the black brake calipers.

Inside, the car is equally remarkable. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the satin chrome mirror for the switch bezels and jewellery to the contrasting textures of silver pearl nubuck and semi-aniline leather. This personalised cockpit creates an environment that screams open, airy, and luxury.

Shashi’s attraction to Radford's Type 62-2 wasn't just about its high-performance driving capabilities but was primarily driven by its one-of-a-kind design. As a twenty-year collector of exquisite cars, Shashi found the Type 62-2 to be particularly compelling, especially in terms of the aesthetics of the front nose and rear clamshell. Each Radford Type 62-2 provides owners with a unique opportunity to design a vehicle that reflects their personal tastes, down to the minutest detail. With no two cars ever the same, Radford delivers not just a bespoke driving experience, but a chance for each owner to make a distinct personal statement.

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