Tesla CEO Elon Musk said back in 2021 that a major new Supercharger location would be built in Santa Monica which would include a 1950s-style diner and a sort of drive-in theatre running movie clips.

Well, in the two years that have passed since Musk tweeted (or is it Xed now?) the announcement, nothing really happened in this respect, with more and more Superchargers activated in the United States but none with that 1950s vibe. Until now.


According to documents seen by Teslarati, Tesla received approval from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to build a Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger in West Hollywood.

Located on 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard, the complex will feature 32 Supercharger stalls, a restaurant with various food options, rooftop seating, and two movie theatre screens where clips of famous movies will be shown. In other words, Tesla owners won’t get to see full-length movies, but with Supercharging providing up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes, staying for longer would just stop other EVs in need from recharging. 

The applications for the project were submitted in November 2022, with Chandler, Arizona-based Stantec Architecture listed as the architect and PCL Construction Services from Glendale, California as the contractor. The plan was approved by the City of Los Angeles and the permit was issued on 18 July. On 9 August, the initial grading inspection was completed and approved.

Tesla Wireless Charging Tease On

The design for the Tesla Diner was briefly shown during the company’s Investor Day event in March, alongside a teaser of what appears to be a vehicle wireless charging pad for home use. In the image, one screen is facing toward the car park where the chargers are installed and the building – which has a ground level and an upper-floor terrace – is finished in a white and red scheme.