Chinese automaker Human Horizons, which produces the striking HiPhi X SUV, HiPhi Y crossover, and the HiPhi Z four-door saloon, already has a presence in Europe and its all-electric models are starting to get into the hands of auto journalists overseas before deliveries begin this fall.

More specifically, into the hands of Mat Watson from the YouTube channel Carwow, who wanted to see which country (apart from the United States) makes the fastest EVs in a straight line, so he put together four battery-powered vehicles: two from China and two from Germany.

Representing China are the HiPhi X SUV and the HiPhi Z four-door GT, while the Germans have the Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo and the BMW iX M60 SUV.

In the specs department, it’s a close match between the four, all of them boasting dual-motor all-wheel drive and over 500 bhp. The HiPhi Z saloon is the most powerful with 672 bhp, followed by the BMW iX M60 with 619 bhp, while the Taycan GTS and the HiPhi X have the same 598 bhp output.

But power isn’t everything. Weight is also a big part of making a car fast and EVs are known for their considerable heft, with the heaviest of the lot being the BMW, which tips the scales at 2,584 kilograms (5,696 pounds), followed by the Chinese HiPhi X SUV at 2,580 kg (5,687 lbs), the HiPhi Z at 2,540 kg (5,597 lbs), and the Porsche at 2,310 kg (5,092 lbs).

With so much power and weight under their belts, these fast EVs also need to stop safely, and the video has this covered, too, with a braking test toward the end.

The results are closer than one would expect, solidifying the idea that Chinese cars today are a far cry from the models made 10 or 15 years ago, which were plagued by performance issues and questionable designs that led to countless copyright court cases started by European or American car brands.