While McLaren now exists as a household name in the world of supercars and hypercars, much of its 60-year history was spent solely in the racing world. The F1 was McLaren’s first roadgoing model, which was introduced in the 90s, and after that, McLaren didn’t make another road car until the late 2000s when it introduced the MP4-12C and entered the road car manufacturing world in earnest.

That said, McLaren’s roots are in racing, and racing-focused, light, agile machines are its speciality as a brand, and the unique Elva, part of McLaren’s Ultimate Series, is a notable example of that racing focus. The Elva is powered by, like much of McLaren’s supercar lineup, a twin-turbocharged V8, and utilises lightweight construction and precise engineering to deliver a track-capable and truly exhilarating driving experience. However, what separates it from its supercar stablemates is the fact that it lacks a roof… and a windscreen.

With an open-top barchetta-style body, the McLaren Elva is a thoroughbred performance machine that hearkens back to the classic race cars that characterised McLaren’s early days in the 1960s. This specific and stunning example, which is available for sale at O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills McLaren/Rolls-Royce, takes that homage even further with a historic Gulf Oil livery, a light blue and orange colour scheme that adorned many successful historic race cars.

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However, it isn’t just racing history that this Elva pays homage to. A close look at the car will call to attention McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris’s last name on each side, and the door sill displays a map of Monaco’s street circuit, where the legendary Monaco Grand Prix is held and where Lando Norris bagged a third-place finish in 2021. Inspecting the interior further, Lando Norris has even signed the dashboard, and meanwhile, orange piping and blue stitching continue the Gulf colour scheme, along with Gulf logo embroidery.

With nods to racing heritage and McLaren’s enduring excellence in motorsport, along with its own impressive performance and engineering contributing to impressive driving character on the road or track, this McLaren Elva is a perfect addition to any racing or car enthusiast’s collection. If you are interested in owning it, view the listing by clicking below.

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