Campers and motorhomes are centre stage right now at the 2023 Caravan Salon in Germany, and Citroen is there with a fresh concept that evokes the company's past while pointing to the future. It's called the Type Holidays, and beneath the ribbed-retro bodywork is a modern SpaceTourer van that previews a forthcoming line of adventure vehicles from the French brand.

Citroen fans will instantly recognise the distinctive exterior design as a homage to the classic Type H panel vans, built from the late 1940s through the early 1980s. It's certainly a way to stand out at an event that also featured new Ford Transit Nugget and Volkswagen T7 California Concept pop-top campers, but there's nothing retro about the interior. Based on the SpaceTourer, Citroen adds a pop-up roof for extra headroom in the living space and sleeping accommodations for two. A bench seat in the back folds for a second bed, giving the Type Holidays enough room for four people to relax.

Citroen Type Holidays (2023)
Citroen Type Holidays (2023)
Citroen Type Holidays (2023)

Like the VW California Concept, Citroen adds a second sliding door on the left side of the van. That's also where the kitchenette is located, allowing access both inside and outside. A sink and refrigerator are included, and a fold-down table with front seats on a 180-degree swivel create a cozy dining area. As for the outside, Citroen partnered with Italian coachbuilder Caselani for the old-school look.

It's important to note that the Type Holidays is a concept at this point. As such, Citroen doesn't offer details regarding onboard power, water tanks, or powertrain options. And while the Type H styling is certainly interesting, we doubt such a look would carry over to production.

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Something is coming, however. Citroen states the Type Holidays concept previews a new range of vehicles with Holidays branding, aimed at van lifers. Details on this new lineup will be shared by the end of the year.

The VW T7 California Concept also previews a forthcoming pop-top camper at this year's Caravan Salon, slated for production in 2024. It boasts external awnings for both sides, and while details could certainly change between the concept and production versions, VW states the California will be offered with a variety of powertrain choices. As for the Ford Transit Custom Nugget, it retains a single sliding-door design but it's not a concept – order banks open in September for European shoppers with deliveries scheduled to begin in the the spring of 2024.