The coolest three-quarter-scale Bugatti is back, and it's even more adorable than ever thanks to a special paint job. Actually, it's much more than a coat of black and gold, as The Little Car Company's Baby Bugatti II now features hand-drawn art just like the full-size Chiron Super Sport Golden Era.

As such, say hello to the Baby Bugatti II Golden Era. Like the gold Chiron that recently debuted during Monterey Car Week, this classic Type 35 replica is adorned with sketches that are literally drawn on the car's bodywork. It's not a cut-and-paste job from the Chiron Golden Era – a Bugatti designer sat down and gave the Baby II its own set of murals depicting vehicles throughout Bugatti's history.

Bugatti Baby II Golden Era
Bugatti Baby II Golden Era
Bugatti Baby II Golden Era

Classics are on the bonnet, modern hypercars adorn the sides on the boat tail, and on the back is a depiction of Ettore Bugatti with his son Roland in a small Bugatti. This served as the inspiration for creating the Baby Bugatti II.

In addition to the artwork, the Golden Era upgrade adds a black interior, a black faux fuel cap hiding the car's charging port, a black steering wheel, and black wheels with gold EB logos in the centre. And like the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era, this is the only one in existence. In an email to, a spokesperson from The Little Car Company explained it was designed specifically for the client with the Chiron. We don't know how long it took to complete the special Baby II, but the Chiron Golden Era was two years in the making with 400 hours dedicated to artwork.

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Being a one-off, there's no mention of cost but we can tell you the standard Baby Bugatti II had a €30,000 (£25,700) starting price when we first reported on it back in 2020. This particular version is the upscale Vitesse, which had a 2020 price tag of around €43,500 (£37,200). Being a one-of-one creation, it's safe to assume the Bugatti Baby II Vitesse Golden Era costs a bit more.


Like all Bugatti Baby IIs, a modest electric motor drives the rear wheels and in top trim, speeds can exceed 40 mph. Only 500 are slated for production, but only one will wear the Golden Era colours.