European automakers have made shy efforts to cater to the luxury truck crowd as the short-lived Mercedes X-Class was a commercial flop while BMW's pickups never went past the concept stage. Audi ignored the segment altogether but this fancy pickup from another premium brand part of the Volkswagen Group exists. Needless to say, the utilitarian Continental GT wasn't actually built by Bentley since the conversion was done by a third party.

Meet "Decadence," a one-off ute created by British shop DC Customs. According to Piston Heads – which has the unusual truck up for sale – the owner paid about £120,000 to turn a perfectly fine luxury sedan into a pickup. While the idea of a Bentley truck seems preposterous, the unique pickup is oddly interesting and has the right engine for the job – a W12.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur pickup truck conversion

With 560 bhp from a massive 6.0-litre twin-turbo engine, this certainly has to be one of the fastest trucks out there and should be perfectly able to haul stuff. The 2005 Continental Flying Spur donor car was subjected to massive changes from the B-pillars to the back by losing the rear doors and seats before getting a cargo bed that also required chopping off a good chunk of the roof. It still has an electric sunroof and some cargo area behind the two remaining seats.

The newly gained cargo bed was lined with genuine teak wood as the car's owner wanted the saloon-turned-truck to mimic a boat stern design, according to DC Customs. For added practicality, the bed has a bunch of drawers and cabinets for storing smaller items, plus a dedicated area for the two batteries.

Finished predominantly in deep purple, Decadence has a hand-painted hood in Aston Martin silver. The lavish cabin comes in two-tone caramel leather with loads of wood inserts to complement the teak cargo area.

Located in Knaresborough in the UK, the unique Bentley Continental Flying Spur pickup can be yours for £149,950.