UK-based, The Little Car Company has made a name for itself by building shrunken recreations of some of the world's most iconic cars, ranging from the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, Bugatti Type 35, and Aston Martin DB5. Now the and has teamed up with Bentley to revive its "Blower," a 1929 race car.

As it's being called, the Blower Jnr is an 85 percent scale recreation of Blower No.2, which lives within the carmaker's heritage collection. Aside from adopting its exterior aesthetic, this new bite-sized Bentley is the first road-legal car The Little Car Company has built, meaning you'll be able to drive it on the road in the US, albeit with some stipulations.

The Little Company Bentley Blower Jar

While the original 1929 Bentley relied on a 4.4-litre supercharged inline-four and a manual transmission, its tiny successor is far simpler. Instead, it draws power from a 48-volt powertrain paired with a 20-bhp electric motor.

In the UK, this will allow the Jnr to reach a top speed of 45 mph. However, due to US regulations, it's capped at 25 mph on that side of the Atlantic. Still, the electrified Blower boasts an expected range of 65 miles, offers seating for two adults, and is fully legal for road use.

The Little Company Bentley Blower Jar

To build its latest project, The Little Car Company borrowed an original Blower from Bentley and closely studied its many details. Many components, such as steel frames, leaf springs, and friction dampers, have been developed to retain a period-correct look. The Jnr gains extra stopping power from new Brembo brakes up front.

Its charge port hides within its "supercharger" just below its headlights, while its interior features an aluminium dashboard with a drive selector and repurposed gauges that look like the original. It even has a hidden USB port and Garmin navigation screen that only pop up when needed.

Although the Jnr is not strictly limited, the first 99 cars will be First Edition models, all featuring Blower Green paint, a numbered plaque, and hand-painted flags. Production is expected to begin towards Summer 2024, although official pricing figures have yet to be announced.

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