Infiniti previewed its future design direction at Monterey Car Week, revealing the QX Monograph full-size SUV. The concept’s proportions and design elements may appear in dealerships as the next-generation QX80, replacing a model that’s been on sale since the 2011 model year.

The Infiniti QX Monograph’s bold styling starts up front, with a forward-leaning grille boasting chevron-style diagonal bars pointing upward to the company’s new, three-dimensional “infinite road” badge. Mounted high on the prow of the SUV, the grille appears between trendy low-mounted headlight units nestled in bumper corner vents. Running along the leading edge of the bonnet – including the top of the grille – is a set of “piano key” daytime running lights that perform an approach animation that Infiniti says is inspired by a bird taking flight. Uh-huh.

Gallery: Infiniti QX Monograph Pebble Beach Concept

The piano keys make yet another appearance on the rear, where a full-width LED bar appears under the backlight. Look closely and you’ll see that the chunky light elements are actually made up of little horizontal light strips that remind us a bit of a synthwave sunset illustration. As on the new QX60, the Monograph features a floating roof with a bevelled accent running along the rear quarter window.

The squinting lighting elements and double-arch grille draw clear links to other modern Infinitis, but the QX Monograph is more angular. Body surfaces appear simply adorned, but there are complex character lines such as the bonnet’s prominent centre rib, as well as an angled surface appearing along the beltline that picks up where the bonnet’s clamshell leaves off. There’s a functional front fender vent with mesh inspired by the longitudinal grain of bamboo, providing a nature-inspired link to the car’s Japanese heritage.

Infiniti QX Monograph Side Profile
Infiniti QX Monograph Front View
Infiniti QX Monograph Rear Quarter

Those surface accents are more obvious when viewing the QX Monograph in varying lighting. Infiniti painted the big SUV in a warm silver hue called “Akane.” The six-layer paintwork is inspired by the transitioning colours of a sunset, and the concept indeed appears pink, light purple, and even bluish-grey depending on the light. Red accents on the wheel spokes and “Monograph” badging add to the twilight motif.

The QX Monograph’s big proportions and squared-off roofline provide the most obvious links to the existing QX80, but the concept is far more modern and cohesively designed. Of course, it will take more than styling to bring the dated QX80 up to snuff compared to the cutting-edge Cadillac Escalade and MCM-chic Lincoln Navigator, so here’s hoping Infiniti has a high-tech powerplant and impressive cabin comfort in store for its flagship SUV. As for when we’ll see a new QX80 in showrooms, Infiniti’s Monograph concepts tend to arrive about a year before their production variants. Plan on seeing a new QX80 in time for the 2025 model year, then.