The latest teaser for the upcoming Lamborghini concept consists of a video with a futuristic theme and ends with a glimpse of the vehicle's nose. The model debuts on 18 August during Monterey Car Week in California.

The 15-second video starts by panning over a city. Then, there's a woman lying on a circular platform. She's looking through a skylight looking at a starry scene. Next, an object to flying through space and comes down to Earth. Finally, the Lamborghini appears, and its headlights come on.


Below, there's the previous Lamborghini concept teaser and the latest one. The new image shows the vehicle has stacked, horizontal headlights that tilt inward. Also, it appears that the ride height is taller than most performance cars because a lot of light is visible underneath this vehicle. However, the model doesn't seem to be an SUV.

Lamborghini August 18 Teaser
Lamborghini Teaser

The Lamborghini concept's profile features a flowing roofline with an angled section at the transition between the windscreen and the roof. The sides appear to have smooth styling. However, there are sharp edges in the greenhouse. There are subtle creases below the beltline at the front and rear.

Lamborghini described this concept as the "first prototype of our fourth series production car" in a previous announcement. Company CEO Stephan Winkelmann said the road-going model would be a 2+2 grand tourer and "much more daily usable" than the Huracan replacement or new Revuelto.

It's not clear what the "What if..." message means in this teaser. "What if Lamborghini built an EV," is one possibility the company might be hinting at.

No mechanical details are available about the concept or the production Lamborghini EV. It shares components with other VW Group electric offerings, but there are no specifics about the commonalities.

The production model debuts in 2028, meaning this concept is our first preview of a vehicle that's still around five years away.