With its 21C hypercar, Czinger Vehicles sent shockwaves through the entire automotive industry. With unfathomably high performance, as well as an intriguing and unique design that features a two-seat configuration in which the passenger seat sits directly behind the driver seat, creating a fighter jet-like experience, especially on the track where similar speed and thrill is involved.


Last year, Czinger Vehicles made its mark on one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world: The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, when it unveiled the Czinger 21C VMAX, and the young but admired manufacturer is ready to do it again. In a new post on Instagram, Czinger announced that this year’s The Quail event would be the venue in which the manufacturer will reveal a new hypercar: the Czinger 21C Blackbird Edition, which it dubs “an icon reborn.” The teaser video that the announcement captions shows close-up shots of a Czinger 21C that boasts a black-on-black configuration, but that surely won’t be all there is to the upcoming Blackbird Edition.

With its incredible engineering that innovates and utilizes groundbreaking technologies like 3D printing and artificial intelligence extensively, the Czinger 21C is a milestone in automotive history as it is, which makes the announcement of the upcoming Blackbird Edition even more exciting, and it’s going to be one of the biggest highlights of the anticipated Monterey Car Week that is upon us.

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