The upcoming Tesla Cybertruck all-electric pickup was spotted with its full-width rear light bar fully illuminated while driving during the night, as shown in a recent video published on X (formerly known as Twitter) by the user @Alloutnikhil.

Embedded below, the one-and-a-half-minute-long sighting reveals how the soon-to-be-delivered all-electric pickup’s tail lights will work, and it’s a rather interesting way of doing things.

When driving with the lights on, the whole light bar is illuminated evenly, but when the driver hits the brakes, the intensity of the two outer brake lights increases and the centre of the light bar makes way for the third brake light, shutting off the surrounding LEDs. 


With the brakes on, the rear lights look the same as in a previous Cybertruck sighting, where the EV was driving during the day, but this new video might be the first one that shows the light bar illuminated in its entirety on a production-intent unit.

Back in February, after Tesla enthusiasts complained online about the lack of a rear light bar on the Cybertruck, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, replied on Twitter (now known as X) and said that the production version of the zero-emissions pickup will indeed have a red light bar.


Now, with this latest sighting, Musk’s comment from six months ago holds true.

As a reminder, the American EV maker’s first-ever pickup truck was unveiled in 2019 and is expected to make its way to customers sometime later this year, possibly next month, after years of delays.

Currently, the Texas Gigafactory is assembling release-candidate (RC) units, with multiple prototypes undergoing testing in the United States as well as in the snowy South Island of New Zealand, where several Cybertrucks are put through their paces at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, alongside the updated Model 3 Highland, as revealed by previous spy shots.

When it reaches customers, Tesla’s truck is expected to be equipped with four-wheel steering, an adaptive air suspension system, the company’s latest Hardware 4.0 driver assistance system computer, and a front trunk.