Amalgam Collection specialises in accentuating the home or office of automotive aficionados with high-end small-scale models of rare and collectable exotic cars, turning these spaces into a gallery of automotive excellence. With a current lineup that features everything from historic race cars to exclusive hypercars, the team at Amalgam is proud to diversify its fleet with an all-new modern marvel that continues to shock the automotive world with its design and performance.

The new 1:8 scale Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 celebrates the spiritual successor to the Gordon Murray-devised McLaren F1. Inspired by the manufacturer's 50 years of experience in Formula One, the T.50 is expected to be the last, and the greatest, ‘analogue’ supercar ever built. The T.50 is powered by a compact naturally-aspirated, all-new 650 bhp V12 engine capable of an extraordinary 12,100 rpm.

Hand-crafted and finished in Amalgam's workshops, the team of designers and engineers use original CAD plans directly from Gordon Murray Design in order to create the most authentic version of itself. With over 350 hours dedicated to building each Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 model, collectors can enjoy meticulous details such as an active engine cover, doors, steering, and much more. The Amalgam Collection Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 1:8 scale model is limited to only 199 pieces starting at €16,485 (approx. £14,200). For owners looking to create an example that resembles the exact spec of their T.50 configuration, bespoke models are exclusively available through Gordon Murray Automotive starting at €21,435 (approx. £18,500).

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