Bugatti Rimac, the incredible new partnership of hypercar titans, has teamed up with Germany's largest theme park, Europa-Park, to create a groundbreaking expansion that celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. This union, set to open in 2024, marks an exciting phase for amusement park enthusiasts and tech-savvy car lovers alike.

Europa-Park's newest area, dedicated to Croatia, will be its largest single area, displaying the theme of "energy." The focus of the collaboration centres around the unveiling of "Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac," scheduled to open in 2024. This rollercoaster, the park's first large addition in 12 years, is poised to become one of Europa-Park's most advanced attractions.

Gallery: Rimac Theme Park Ride

The collaboration pays homage to Nikola Tesla, the Croatian-born inventor who heavily impacted the world with his revolutionary ideas. Mate Rimac, the mind behind Rimac Group, credits Tesla as an inspiration in his exploration of electric motors and batteries in performance cars. Rimac Group, known for the Nevera all-electric hypercar, now leads in supplying high-performance electrification technologies globally.

The enchanting Town of Hvar, Croatia, played a key role in this partnership, inspiring the Croatia-themed area, and becoming a central part of Rimac’s European progress. The Nevera was recently showcased in Hvar town, illustrating the deep connection between innovation, culture, and heritage.

Two entrepreneurial icons, Mate Rimac and Michael Mack, are the driving forces behind the collaboration. Rimac's career led him to create a globally recognised business valued at over €2 billion, while Mack's vision and dedication shaped Europa-Park's success. Their combined entrepreneurial spirit, passion for acceleration, and connection to Croatia make this collaboration a perfect match.

This collaboration between Europa-Park and Rimac not only brings an exciting new attraction to the park but also fosters a unique relationship that resonates with the values of both brands. The cooperation is seen as a celebration of innovation, uniting a young generation that thinks outside the box. Michael Mack's special relationship with Croatia through his wife Miriam and the Croatian identity of Rimac Group adds an authentic touch to the new themed area.

The partnership between Europa-Park and Bugatti Rimac is a thrilling fusion of entertainment and technology, set to deliver an unparalleled experience to visitors from all over the world. From honouring Nikola Tesla's legacy to highlighting Croatian innovation, the collaboration is a testament to the power of creativity and entrepreneurship. The new attraction serves as a celebration of the human spirit's relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

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