The white 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach symbolises Jordan Belfort's decadent lifestyle in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie used two cars, one supposedly meeting a tragic end. Now the undamaged one is coming up for sale at RM Sotheby's Luxury Week Auction and is estimated to be worth upwards of two million dollars (approx. £1.6 million). 

Lamborghini produced approximately 650 copies of the 25th Anniversary Countach, 23 finished in Bianco Polo, like the car in the movie. Horacio Pagani, who later founded Pagani Automobili, undertook the styling updates, which featured revised front and rear bumpers and air intakes behind the doors. While some people considered the styling controversial, with many detractors saying it borrowed from the Ferrari Testarossa, no one could criticise the performance. It is arguably the fastest version of the original Countach, reaching 60 miles per hour from a standstill in 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 183 mph.

Gallery: 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach

In The Wolf of Wall Street, the Lamborghini Countach plays a prominent role in a scene where a heavily intoxicated Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, crawls to the car and opens the passenger door with his foot. He then proceeds to wreck the car, crashing into parked cars, street signs, and a golf cart before the police arrest him.

There is a lot of speculation about the wrecked Countach. The most popular story says that Martin Scorsese, who co-produced and directed the movie, insisted on using an actual Lamborghini Countach because he was unsatisfied with how a fake one looked. Whether or not the wrecked car is an actual 25th Anniversary Countach or a similar car modified to look like a 25th Anniversary edition is a subject of debate. 

The un-damaged car, chassis KLA12722, will feature prominently at RM Sotheby's Auction in New York in December. Thanks to its star turn in the movie, the white Countach is arguably famous or, as Sotheby's description calls it, "An iconic example that intertwines the legacies of Lamborghini and Hollywood and serves as an emblem to multiple generations."