The roar of engines, the history of success, and the pulsating thrill of competition - all these will come alive at Salon Privé as it joins the global celebration marking 100 years of the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours Race.

Opening on 30 August, the fabulous grounds of Blenheim Palace will house an exclusive exhibit that embodies the spirit of racing itself. Get ready to relive the history of speed with legendary cars from Porsche, Jaguar, and Ferrari.

Highlights include the pole-sitting Porsche 962 that witnessed nail-biting finishes, the Jaguar XJ220C – the last Jaguar to ‘win’ at Le Mans, and the fierce Ferrari 458 GTE, driven to glory by F1 legend Giancarlo Fisichella.

For Porsche enthusiasts, the story of the iconic 962-004 and 962-200 represents two significant eras of racing at La Sarthe. The 1995 Porsche 993 GT2R adds another thrilling chapter. Jaguar’s tale is symbolised by the controversial XJ220C, which crossed the line first but was later disqualified. And Ferrari's excellence is captured in the original 458 GTE, winning six races in its debut year.

Guests at Salon Privé will not only see these awe-inspiring vehicles but feel the adrenaline and passion that shaped decades of racing history. Join the celebration, embrace the legacy, and have your very own Le Mans experience at Salon Privé.

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