Alpine is enjoying record sales for its A110 sports car and is currently at full production capacity to meet the demand. The French marque owned by Renault is set to grow even further later this decade when a full range of new products will be launched. A modern successor to the A310 is also planned and we attempt to preview what it could look like with a new exclusive rendering.

Let’s start with some background. The A310 was launched in 1971 as a successor to the successful A110. The car was unveiled during the 1971 Geneva Motor Show and initially featured a rear-mounted four-cylinder engine with an output of 125 bhp. The model was heavier than its predecessor and was generally considered to be underpowered and Renault answered the critics with a facelift in 1975, which also brought a more powerful 148-bhp V6 engine shared with other products from the French company. At the time, it was the brand’s flagship performance product.

Gallery: 2028 Alpine A310 renderings

For the modern reinterpretation of the model, Alpine will use the Alpine Performance Platform (APP), which will give the sports car a longer wheelbase with more room for the rear passengers. The A310 will retain its 2+2 seating configuration but will switch from combustion power to a fully electric powertrain. Our rendering envisions a model with retro design cues inspired by the original car combined with a sleeker profile and a full LED lighting signature. 

However, our assumption is the Alpine will try to make the purists happy by keeping the overall proportions of the vehicle almost unchanged. This means a short front overhang and a relatively long rear overhang but also a seating position that creates the illusion of a rear-mounted engine. As far as the powertrain is concerned, Alpine is still too early in the process of developing its electric architecture and there are literally zero details known regarding battery capacity and output so far.

What we do know, however, is that the French firm is planning an EV invasion, which will start with the A290. It is coming next year as a sporty version of the reborn Renault 5 and will be followed by a C-segment crossover GT a year later. The all-electric replacement for the current A110 will arrive in 2026 and about two years later, the A310 previewed here is also expected to be ready for its market launch. Around the end of the decade, Alpine will also launch its flagship model, positioned in Europe’s D/E segments.