In the realm of automotive enthusiasts, the blending of different brands and styles often results in awful creations. But like every rule, there are exceptions and the car you see here is one of those rare cases where the transformation is successful. The vehicle has emerged from the fusion of an Aston Martin and a Mazda MX-5, and it is currently listed for sale.

This extraordinary transformation has birthed the so-called AMX07 kit car, which uses a 1993 MX-5 as a foundation. The body kit that envelopes the machine has been meticulously crafted from hand-laid fibreglass and features a design that is inspired by the Aston Martin DB7. This is especially visible at the front and not so much at the back.

Gallery: 1993 Mazda Miata with Aston Martin DB7 body kit

What makes this project particularly intriguing is its origin as one of the limited AMX07 body kits imported into the United States. The previous owner, who happened to be the importer of these kits, ensured that each panel was not only expertly aligned but also finished to a high standard. Only four kits are believed to have been imported into the US and the current owner told us this one is the only one on the West Coast

Powered by a 1.8-litre engine sourced from a 1994 MX-5, this spirited machine had around 100,000 miles on the clock before undergoing a full engine rebuild. With just around 2,000 miles after the rebuild, the car has some hardware upgrades, including a lightweight flywheel and clutch, as well as front and rear sway bars from Flyin’ MX-5. Most notably, new ceramic brakes and rotors provide stopping power to match the car's enhanced performance.

For those seeking a truly distinctive driving experience that's a blend of iconic brands and personalised ingenuity, the AMX07 kit car offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Priced at $5,500 or best offer, this creation carries with it the essence of the DB7 allure combined with the exhilaration of a Mazda MX-5.