Revolutionising the automotive landscape, Lotus announced the grand opening of its first European flagship global brand centre in the luxury heartland of Mayfair, London, a testament to the brand's transformation into a global luxury performance powerhouse. The ceremony was a momentous occasion, with Lotus's incredible new lineup of powerful electrified cars, as well as celebrities like actors John Boyega and Florence Pugh in attendance.

Known as Lotus London, this architectural masterpiece, nestled at 73 Piccadilly, embodies the fusion of luxury, technology, and culture. It stands as a testament to Lotus's longstanding dedication to technology, performance, and heritage. This unique setup, with a digital-first approach, introduces customers to an exclusive and immersive journey into the Lotus universe.


Embracing the modern ethos of customer-centricity, Lotus London presents a digital-rich environment featuring a VIP lounge and bespoke digital experience. The store will allow customers to personalise their vehicles in the company of experts. The brand centre also serves as an artistic gallery, rotating exhibits of Lotus's rich 75-year history, celebrating everything from its Formula 1 triumphs to its silver screen icons.

This flagship store goes beyond merely being a showroom - it's a launchpad for Lotus's latest creations. On display are the next-generation vehicles such as the hyper-SUV Eletre, Emira sports car, and Evija hypercar. Customers can also indulge in a variety of Lotus merchandise, including newly announced co-branded products like the LS60 Wireless floor speakers, a collaborative effort with KEF.

Lotus's first digitally infused 'Hyper Space' in Europe epitomises the brand's global performance vision. This aligns with the brand's Vision80 strategy revealed in 2018, outlining their transformation from a heritage automotive company to an all-electric, intelligent luxury mobility provider by 2028.

These brand centres will play a pivotal role in Lotus's customer-centric global strategy. They aim to foster direct relationships and craft personalised experiences for consumers. Lotus plans to launch additional brand centres globally, targeting key markets in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Lotus Group's Chief Commercial Officer, Mike Johnstone, expressed the company's ambition stating, "Our new store signifies our commitment to transform Lotus into a global luxury performance brand. With the demand for our products growing, we have ambitious plans to scale rapidly by 2028. Our brand centres worldwide will be instrumental in building both the Lotus brand and lasting relationships with our consumers."

This landmark opening follows Lotus's delivery of the Vision80 promise last year with the world premiere of the Eletre. The production of this vehicle is underway, with delivery to UK and European customers anticipated later this summer.

The opening of the Lotus London flagship store marks an exciting chapter in Lotus's transformation journey, carving its space as a global luxury performance brand in the heart of one of the world's most vibrant cities.

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