Apocalypse 6x6 is known for its ability to create some of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road. With impressive off-road abilities, soaring-tall height, and an immense footprint, it’s hard not to make heads turn when you’re behind the wheel of a 6x6, and that’s exactly what Apocalypse’s creations do.

The latest creation is based on one of the most celebrated and historic off-road names of all time: the Land Rover Defender. Land Rover was one of the first names in the world of off-roading, and its Defender is known around the world as one of the most capable and tough off-road vehicles of all time.

Gallery: Apocalypse Defender Carpathian

Its revived iteration features retro-inspired looks, luxury appointments, and the same off-road ability that made the Defender name world famous. Now, with Apocalypse 6x6’s customisation expertise, the Defender is now getting a 6x6 makeover, and Apocalypse calls it the Carpathian.

According to Apocalypse, the Carpatian is the world’s first Defender-based 6x6, and it provides drivers with plenty of power along with its impressive 6-wheeled stance via a 5.0-litre V8 engine. With an amazing level of skill in engineering and fabrication required to design and construct a 6x6 conversion like this one, Apocalypse has achieved an incredible feat in creating the Carpathian, which is sure to turn heads even among other 6x6 creations as something new and unique.

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