Despite the already impressive level of technology surrounding electric vehicles, manufacturers are continuing the quest for even better electric motors and batteries. Battery tech has advanced such that it's now possible to fully charge some EV batteries in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the hours it used to take less than a decade ago.

An interesting development in the world of EV battery technology comes to us from ProLogium, a Taiwan-based battery specialist. According to the company, its newest solid-state battery pack ticks all the boxes when it comes to future-proofing batteries: more energy density, faster charging, and of course, improved safety.

New Solid-State Battery From ProLogium Could Redefine The EV World

The secret lies in the battery’s use of a solid-state ceramic electrolyte. All batteries — whether lead acid or lithium ion — make use of electrolytes, but mostly in liquid form. It’s thanks to this substance that the charge and discharge cycle is possible. In the case of ProLogium’s new battery, the use of a solid-state ceramic electrolyte not only affords it more energy density, but a reassuring level of safety. You see, solid electrolyte is not flammable, drastically reducing the risk of fire or explosion. On top of that, solid-state batteries are less likely to suffer from thermal runaway, thanks to their improved heat resistance.

To make things even better, ProLogium’s solid-state battery pack is much more compact and lightweight than a standard lithium battery, which means it’s better suited for EV applications, in particular, in electric motorcycles, where batteries must be compact and lightweight. Indeed, lowering weight and increasing energy density seem like the perfect marriage when it comes to electric motorcycle batteries, but ProLogium’s claimed benefits don’t end here.

New Solid-State Battery From ProLogium Could Redefine The EV World

The company claims that the new solid-state battery has a mind boggling fast-charging capability of zero to 80 percent in just 12 minutes. This means that going on long distance trips will no longer be a challenge, as charging your EV won’t take any longer than grabbing yourself a quick cup of coffee. The seemingly never-ending list of benefits continues, as ProLogium claims that its new battery also uses fewer raw materials than standard batteries, highlighting improved sustainability as EV demand continues to rise.

At present, ProLogium’s new battery is slated to power heavy-duty machinery such as trains, boats, and other industrial vehicles. That said, testing of the battery on EVs—particularly electric cars—is slated to take place in Europe before 2023 draws to a close.