Dolores Park is located two blocks south of Mission Dolores at the western edge of the Mission District in San Francisco, California. It is a pleasant place to spend a day off work, offering features such as many tennis courts, a basketball court, a multi-purpose court, and a football field. Usually, it is a quiet and peaceful place but this past weekend, a white Lincoln saloon jumped over the Sanchez Street stairs on Saturday night. This isn’t the most frightening part of the story, though.

Footage from security cameras attached at the top of this page shows what appears to be a Lincoln Town Car approaching the Sanchez Street stairs and jumping off the cliff. It is quite a dramatic sight that ends with the car facing the sun with its wheels. Luckily, no one was killed or injured and even the passengers in the vehicle were unharmed. The car, however, was stolen and you can clearly see two people fleeing the scene right after the crash.


"There was a woman pulling out a guy, all bloody, and the guy had a full face mask, all black, dressed in black. She was in black, red hair, yelling at them, 'We have three minutes till the cops come! We have three minutes, hurry up!'," Michael Perez, who lives nearby, told CBS News. "There was another guy and there was another guy still stuck in the car and they were, like, 'Just leave him! Leave him!"


The San Francisco Police Department confirmed the car belongs to a man who was carjacked. The SFPD robbery division is currently investigating the incident, but officers have not located the criminals yet. According to onlookers, the owner of the car showed up after the accident claiming the car belongs to him. “He said he was driving past here, they opened his door, got the guy out, he said he got hit by a gun on his head," one man told ABC7 News.


The most incredible thing about this crash seems to be the fact that just a few minutes earlier, people were walking down those stairs having no idea what will follow. We don’t want to even imagine what could have happened if the timing of the crash was different. We are just glad that everyone was fine after the accident but we really hope that the police will arrest the people from the car soon.