Just as promised, Subaru introduced a "sharper and more focused" BRZ over the weekend at the Subiefest California. The hotter coupe in question brings back the "tS" suffix used during the model's first generation. While a press release has not been published, the US website does contain some preliminary specifications. The most notable upgrade is a Brembo brake kit both front and rear. In the photos below, we notice the car has gold calipers.

We also know for sure the new BRZ tS benefits from an STI-tuned suspension, with those who saw the car in the metal claiming it has Hitachi dampers. That comes somewhat as a surprise considering the 2024 GR86 has received Sachs dampers for its newly added Performance Pack, which comes as standard on the Trueno Edition. Just like the spicy Subie, the Toyota also gets Brembos.


New 18-inch wheels and subtle design tweaks inside and out are mentioned by Subaru, but that's about it for the time being. Subiefest attendees claim the new tS will be a permanent trim level instead of a limited-run special edition as was the case with its predecessor. It's apparently coming in all colours, complete with a rear tS badge and a red BRZ logo in the corners of the headlights.

As announced back in June, Subaru is adding EyeSight to some of its manually equipped models. The BRZ tS is apparently the first, according to those who saw the car at the event. Don't be too surprised if the regular BRZ will get this feature as well. One unconfirmed change for the hotter tS is the switch from aluminium to cast iron knuckles.

Full details should be released sooner rather than later considering the car has already been shown in public. Expect the BRZ tS for the 2024 model year as a new range-topping version.