British car collector and online personality Shmee150 is known for getting to experience some of the world’s most incredible cars firsthand, and with the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed having taken place this past weekend, the world’s greatest cars gathered together to participate in the iconic hillclimb as well as other activities for the Festival’s 30th anniversary. Shmee150 was, of course, in attendance, and one of the most incredible cars that came to participate was the McLaren Solus GT, which Shmee150 got to take a very close look at.

The McLaren Solus GT is a track-only hypercar, and despite the fact that McLaren’s roots are in track cars, it’s an unprecedented creation that saw its origins as McLaren’s Vision Gran Turismo Concept from the GranTurismo video game series, a virtual realm in which automotive designers and engineers are able to push boundaries and see the results play out on a simulation stage. The car was brought to life as the Solus GT, which, unlike other V8-powered McLarens houses a naturally-aspirated V10 engine with a Judd block, revving to 10,000 rpm and capable of 829 bhp.

While a walkaround with Fred Martin-Dye showed off the Solus GT’s stunning design, incredible engineering, and relentless innovation, the real treat was the chance to hear the screaming V10 engine in action as the Solus GT charged up the Goodwood hillclimb, achieving a time that won the festivals’ hillclimb shootout competition. With only 25 customer cars being made, and a restriction for use on the track, the McLaren Solus GT is truly a rare and incredibly special sight for any automotive enthusiast.

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