In our years of covering creative custom bus conversions, we've seen plenty of full-time rigs that serve as posh homes for families. But we've never seen one with a permanent loft that faithfully serves a family of seven. Actually, make that nine – two adults, five children, a cat, and a dog. And yet, it doesn't seem crowded.

That's a testament to the considerable thought put into this build from owners Jeff and Anna. They are experienced buslifers, having taken the plunge with this full-size skoolie way back in 2017. In fact, the version featured in this recent Tiny Home Tours video is the second stage, built after approximately two years on the road with the initial design. The family was growing, and that led to the loft – a small second floor that's large enough for two small bedrooms and a game room for having fun.

The other three kids' bedrooms are located on the main floor, though they are essentially large bunks with space for a bed and little else. That leaves plenty of room for the kitchen, which is an absolute necessity when filling the bellies of seven hungry people. Butcher blocks are used for all the countertops, mounted on custom-built cabinets. A full-service four-burner propane oven is used for cooking, installed across from a large refrigerator/freezer. The kitchen area is also home to a washer and dryer, and the full-size bathroom is just aft of the kitchen.

Unlike the bunks, the master bedroom isn't just a bed. It's home to a king-size bed that sits atop the engine bay and a large storage area, with more shelves surrounding the bed at the back. And while the living room technically isn't a bedroom, there's enough sofa space to easily stretch out for a nap. The cushions also feature seatbelts tucked in for safety while travelling from place to place.

Total power and water supplies aren't mentioned in the video, but solar power alone is enough to drive the multiple climate control units inside. As for tanks, wastewater needs to be cleared approximately once a week. Considering there are seven people using the facilities, that's a pretty good timeframe.

It's not the first old bus we've seen converted into a posh tiny home. It's not even the first time we've seen a bus repurposed as a full-time home for a sizable family. In 2017, this bus was purchased for $4,000 (approx. £3,000), and at this stage, there's approximately $50,000 (£38,200) invested. However, we suspect the adventures of life on the road with a properly large family, touring the country together, are priceless.