Hispano Suiza, the historic Spanish luxury automaker, showcased its latest electric hypercar, the Carmen Boulogne, at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed. Despite inclement weather conditions leading to cancellations on Saturday, the brand made a compelling mark at the prestigious motorsports event.

Making its dynamic debut, the Carmen Boulogne stole the limelight with its impressive design and unmatched performance. Even amidst the 30th-anniversary celebrations of the Goodwood Festival, marked by unfavourable weather, close to 200,000 people found themselves drawn towards this electric sensation.

Leading the Carmen Boulogne's test runs was none other than the former Formula 1 driver and Hispano Suiza Driver Ambassador, Luis Pérez-Sala. The thrill of tackling the iconic Goodwood Hillclimb was amplified onboard the Carmen Boulogne, providing valuable technical data for the Hispano Suiza team.

In addition to its sporting pursuits, Hispano Suiza utilised the Goodwood Festival as an international platform to unveil its revamped corporate identity. This move brought together journalists, influencers, car enthusiasts, clients, and institutions, creating an atmosphere of shared appreciation and excitement.

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Notable personalities, such as automotive influencer Tim - Shmee (@shmee150), Nina Weizenecker (@ninacarmaria), and celebrity chef James Martin (@jamesmartinchef), amplified the event's charm with their presence. James Martin's commendation for the Carmen Boulogne after his Hillclimb experience set a high note for Hispano Suiza's participation at the festival.

Despite its rich heritage dating back to 1904, Hispano Suiza demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt and innovate in the automotive industry. The Carmen Boulogne embodies this spirit, combining traditional luxury with cutting-edge electric technology. With a limited production run of 24 exclusive units, the Carmen Boulogne is a testament to Hispano Suiza's commitment to exclusivity and performance.

As a brand that has manufactured over 12,000 high-performance luxury vehicles and 50,000 aircraft engines, Hispano Suiza holds a significant place in the automotive world. Its recent showcase at the Goodwood Festival of Speed reinforces this position, promising a thrilling journey ahead for this iconic Spanish brand.

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