British-based scale model specialist Amalgam Collection has launched a miniature version of the Ferrari Purosangue, using its long-lasting relationship with the Italian sports car and supercar manufacturer to come up with a truly exquisite scale model, albeit a very expensive one.

To create the 1:8 scale Purosangue, Amalgam used original CAD designs, paint codes, and material specifications from Ferrari, as well as thousands of precisely engineered parts like castings, photo-etchings, and CNC-machined metal components.

The result is spectacular and you'd be forgiven for confusing the scale model for the real car, at least when looking at photos.

Gallery: Amalgam Collection 1:8 Ferrari Purosangue Scale Model

Measuring over 62 centimetres (24 inches) long, the Amalgam-made Ferrari Purosangue needed over 3,000 hours of development time and each of the 199 hand-built units needs over 300 hours of work to be completed.

The company says that at the end of each build, models will undergo detailed scrutiny by both engineering and design teams to ensure complete accuracy of representation.

The base price starts at €13,995 (approx. £12,000) and includes the 1:8 scale model of Ferrari's first SUV painted in red with a black interior, while the Bespoke edition raises the price to €18,195 (£15,600). For this kind of money, customers can specify the paint colour, interior colour, wheel style, and caliper colour.

Granted, it's much cheaper than the real Purosangue, with its £313,120 price tag, 6.5-litre V12 engine that makes 715 bhp, and a 0-62 miles per hour sprint of just 3.3 seconds.

Amalgam Collection is known for creating extremely detailed scale models of famous cars, like the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage and Bugatti Veyron, among others.

Founded in 1985, the Bristol-based company was initially focused on creating fine architectural models for the leading British and German architects of the day. It also offered product prototyping services, notably creating parts for the very first Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Amalgam Collection started making fine model cars in 1995 and Ferrari became a partner in 1998.