Aston Martin is launching four EVs in the coming years, and the first one of them arrives in 2025. During a panel at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin Group Chief Technical Officer Roberto Fedeli announced the first electric model would use Pirelli's Cyber Tyre system.

Cyber Tyres have a sensor that communicates with a vehicle's computers. The car knows the type of tyre, whether it's the winter or summer version, the recommended pressure, the load index, and the speed rating. The system can monitor things like the level of wear, temperature, grip and slip details, the load on them, and more. Depending on how an automaker implements the tech, a vehicle can use this info to adjust the suspension settings, electronic stability control parameters, braking assist, and more.

Cyber Tire explanation

Pirelli touts the system as providing the vehicle with data that it wouldn't usually have. The extra info allows for safer driving.

The McLaren Artura was among the first production vehicles to get Cyber tyres for its bespoke P Zero, P Zero Corsa, and P Zero Winter rubber. The Lotus Evija also uses the technology.

Pirelli is also working on a version of Cyber tyres that could network with other vehicles and high-tech infrastructure. The idea is that the tech would share information about the road surface with other vehicles.

In June 2023, Aston Martin announced a long-term partnership with Lucid for the powertrain and battery components for the Britsh brand's upcoming EVs. Company chairman Lawrence Stroll said the automaker's engineers would adapt the parts for its vehicles rather than keeping them stock. Lucid took a 3.7 percent share in Aston Martin as part of the deal.

Aston Martin previously said the Vantage would eventually switch to an electric powertrain. It's not clear whether this is the EV arriving in 2025. Every model in the lineup would have some level of electrification by 2030, and half of them would specifically be BEVs.