As a performance-oriented all-electric luxury SUV, the Lotus Eletre is a very different venture not only for the racing-bred performance car manufacturer but also for the automotive industry as a whole. Yesterday, in a groundbreaking event at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, the first UK customers had the opportunity to test drive this innovative offering, and the feedback was resoundingly positive.

Lotus, synonymous with pioneering automotive design and performance for over 75 years, has once again set the bar high with the Eletre. Built on the core principles of Lotus DNA, this electric performance SUV beautifully melds the excitement of agile, nimble sports car driving with the practicality and versatility of a family vehicle. As the first of its kind from Lotus, the Eletre is targeting a new generation of customers who not only appreciate high-performance and striking design but also seek a vehicle that incorporates the latest digital technology for a safer, more convenient driving experience.

From the dynamic Goodwood Festival of Speed event, drivers were captivated by the Eletre's swift and seamless acceleration, precise handling, and immersive digital cockpit. The excitement was palpable as customers experienced the hyper-SUV's top-tier capabilities, with one test driver referring to the drive as "enjoyment personified". Another driver expressed her admiration for the Eletre's luxurious interior, describing it as "astounding", whilst others praised its light, responsive driving experience, and superior visibility. The Eletre not only turned heads but also sealed decisions, with many test drivers eagerly awaiting their vehicle deliveries.

What sets the Lotus Eletre apart is its unrivalled blend of the spirit of Lotus's latest sports car, the Emira, with the revolutionary aerodynamics of the all-electric Evija hypercar. This unique combination delivers a hyper-SUV that boasts class-leading ride, handling, steering, and aero performance. This is where Lotus's extensive history in lightweight road and race cars with excellent handling and on-track performance shines, making the Eletre a true testament to the brand's legacy of innovative design and engineering.

As we move further into the electric vehicle era, Lotus has sent a clear message with the Eletre. It is not just a hyper-SUV, but a lifestyle choice that offers a unique blend of practicality, aesthetics, performance, and state-of-the-art technology. With the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the first UK test drives, the Lotus Eletre is set to redefine expectations in the electric vehicle market. For those keen to experience the Eletre, Lotus encourages registration on their website for updates on further UK test drives. In an evolving automotive landscape, the Lotus Eletre is a beacon of what the future holds - a seamless fusion of luxury, performance, and electric innovation.

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