Life on the road is a unique and fascinating experience that attracts those who love traveling, adventure, and exploration. It offers a sense of freedom and flexibility that cannot be replicated with an everyday stationary lifestyle. Luxury motor coaches are becoming increasingly popular among those who want to enjoy all the benefits of nomadic living whilst maintaining a lavish and comfortable lifestyle.

LOKI Coach’s innovative approach to luxury travel aligns perfectly with Prevost Motorhomes, forging a powerful partnership that sets new standards in the world of mobile opulence. Using the quad-slide Prevost H3-45 motorhome as its base, LOKI Coach aims to match the extravagant allure of other elite modes of transport, such as private helicopters and jets.


The LOKI Coach redefines traditional travel with its exceptional exterior features, designed to provide an unparalleled experience while venturing cross-country. The large, tinted windows offer panoramic views of the ever-changing landscapes while allowing ample natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The carefully crafted storage compartments provide abundant space for carrying essentials, making long-distance travel hassle-free.

A VOLTA power system features large lithium batteries, high-efficiency solar panels, and supercharged alternators for rapid charging — this groundbreaking system elevates off-grid autonomy whilst reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Paired with the Garmin vehicle management system and a custom user interface, its minimalist design enhances the entire LOKI Coach experience.


A spacious and relaxing interior layout provides the utmost in convenience for passengers. The full-size bedroom centres around a plush king-size bed and contains two large closets with LED lighting, a motorised pop-out TV with Bose surround sound, and plugged/wireless mobile device chargers. The primary bathroom comes equipped with a shower, toilet, and quartz sink; the coach also has a secondary half bath. In the kitchen, an induction cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, UV water purifier, full-size Fisher & Paykel fridge, and a coffee bar make meal preparation easy. The dinette area offers a comfy dining space, while the lounge area is the ideal place to kick back, unwind, and watch TV after a long day’s journey. The LOKI Coach is the ultimate travel companion, making hotels seem like an afterthought with its unmatched amenities.


From a full-size washer/dryer for convenient laundry on the go to motorised window shades and Vario Glass shades that provide optimal privacy, every detail enhances the experience. The heated floors and extra insulation create a cozy environment, allowing travellers to stay on the road year-round, no matter the season. Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended adventure, the LOKI Coach provides the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, ensuring a truly remarkable and memorable journey. Discover and learn more about all that LOKI Coach has to offer by clicking the link below.

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