Koenigsegg, the Swedish high-performance automobile manufacturer, has made waves with the inauguration of the Gripen Atelier and the unveiling of the new, client-spec Gemera model. The Atelier, a vast 118,000 square-foot space for the development, design, and production of the Gemera lineup, helps boost the total footprint of Koenigsegg facilities to 323,000 square feet. It's here that the Gemera programme, in conjunction with the two-seater lineup, will be crafted.

The Gemera 4-seater, with its power exceeding 1 megawatt (1,341 bhp), is an engineering marvel in itself. Yet, the Client Specification model manages to be even more advanced than just that.

Originally, the Gemera was intended to feature Koenigsegg's Direct Drive system like the Regera, as showcased in the 2020 Gemera show car. But during the developmental stages, the company decided to implement the Light Speed Transmission (LST) from their acclaimed Jesko model. The LST, which eliminates the flywheel and clutch, offers a new level of driver engagement and performance. Thus, the Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission (LSTT) was born for the new Gemera.

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Adding to this innovative feat, Koenigsegg introduced the "Dark Matter" E-motor. This powerful 800 bhp, 922 lb/ft, Raxial Flux E-motor showcases an evolutionary leap in electric propulsion, making it the most potent automotive-grade E-motor on the market. Paired with the LSTT, it helps create a lighter, smaller, and more engaging drivetrain for the Gemera.

Along with the reveal of the client-spec Gemera, an upcoming HV8 (Hot V8) version has been announced, taking the car's power and innovation to uncharted territories. With this addition, the Gemera uses a V8 engine to achieve an astounding 2,300 bhp and 2,028 lb/ft of torque, setting a new world record for production cars.

Christian von Koenigsegg hailed the Gemera HV8 as the "most powerful and extreme production car on the planet Earth," also noting its practicality and user-friendliness. According to him, the Gemera HV8's unique blend of power, responsiveness, and handling, alongside its spacious interior, creates an unparalleled driving experience.

Koenigsegg intends to kick off the Gemera's production at the Gripen Atelier by the end of 2024, with customer deliveries starting in early 2025. This move represents a momentous milestone for the company, offering an intriguing peek into the future of high-performance automobiles beyond being two-seaters that are impractical for everyday use.

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