In a thrilling development for sustainable mobility, NamX and Pininfarina have chosen the Goodwood Festival of Speed to showcase the NamX HUV, the world's first premium hydrogen SUV. Designed by the Pininfarina and DE LUSSAC design studio, the HUV marks an unprecedented leap in the landscape of hydrogen-powered vehicles. NamX, an emerging contender in the automotive world, is creating waves with its innovative approach toward sustainable mobility.

The company's HUV concept is a testament to its commitment to making green hydrogen universally accessible. NamX has defied traditional SUV design paradigms, collaborating with Pininfarina to develop a hydrogen-powered vehicle with modern curves and a sophisticated aesthetic.

Gallery: Pininfarina NamX HUV

In the quest for a sustainable future, NamX's HUV design stands out with an innovative removable tank system that uses hydrogen capsules as a fuel source. The inclusion of this patented technology makes NamX a game-changer in the clean mobility domain. The vehicle accommodates six hydrogen capsules in its rear, ensuring a substantial range of 700 to 800 kilometres. Owners will find flexibility in refilling these capsules, with options to recharge at hydrogen filling stations, receive a delivery, or obtain from CapXtores.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed's Future Lab is the chosen stage for the HUV's grand unveiling. In its sixth year, the Future Lab focuses on "Technology for a Better World," where NamX and Pininfarina's vision perfectly aligns. The exhibition will present NamX in the "Powering the Future" section, exploring solutions for efficient, clean, and high-speed energy needs.

As a testament to Pininfarina's exotic car design prowess and dedication to sustainability, the NamX HUV received the Green Good Design Sustainability Award 2023 in the Green Transportation category from the Chicago Athenaeum. This honour underlines the significance of this partnership's contribution to the future of sustainable transportation. As the automotive industry accelerates towards a cleaner and greener future, NamX and Pininfarina's groundbreaking HUV concept leads the way.

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