Pirelli introduced the P Zero Trofeo RS this week; the latest version of its high-performance semi-slick tyre. Developed at the request of Pagani Automobili for its Utopia, it's intended to be offered as an original equipment option for sports car and supercar models.

The new tyre was developed as a technical evolution of the P Zero Trofeo R, using advancements in materials for the tread compound. According to Pirelli, it's part of a new generation of semi-slick tyres that offers greater performance and consistency on dry surfaces. It provides a longer-lasting grip to provide more speed and safety during track sessions. But as an OE tyre, it also provides safety on asphalt, including slightly wet conditions. 

As part of the development of the P Zero Trofeo RS, Pirelli applied new technology leveraged from its engagement in the top levels of motorsports to reach targets defined by auto manufacturers like Pagani. One outcome of that development is a multi-compound tread that allows the tyres to be personalised to complement the characteristics of different cars, matching the car to specific tread pattern compounds from Pirelli's Prestige catalogue.   

Another innovation that Pirelli had at its disposal was Virtual Geometry Development. This method allowed Pirelli's engineers to assess a large number of different profiles and footprints through virtual modelling. Combined with the multi-compound tread, it enabled Pirelli to maximise the precision of the P Zero Trofeo RS improving response to driver inputs. 

This Virtual Deometry Development process was used extensively for the Pagani Utopia before the first prototype vehicles were tested on the on track. In particular, extensive development was carried out on the contact patch to provide the ultimate grip and control. Compared to the P Zero Corsa tyres originally requested by Pagani, the P Zero Trofeo RS can elevate the Utopia's performance in extreme driving conditions and improve ease and predictability on the road without compromising the feeling experienced by the driver. 

In addition to the Pagani Utopia, the new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tyres are available as OE equipment on the Ford Mustang Dark Horse. It's also planned for as a future aftermarket option for a wide range of high-performance vehicles, including cars made by Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini.