Lewis Hamilton serves as executive producer for the as-yet-unnamed film, and the former world champion has played a big part in helping it come together and ensuring a level of authenticity in the script.

A fictional 11th team called Apex has a strong presence in the paddock and has taken over a pit garage, complete with a “prat perch” on the pit wall opposite. 

With the F1 organisation’s support, the film crew has installed its own cameras of some of the cars in order to capture on-track action.

The production's own F2 cars, which carry AMG logos and have been modified with the help of Mercedes to look like current F1 machines, will be present at the back of the grid before Sunday's British GP. They will also complete part of the formation lap before peeling off.

Although their names haven't been confirmed, it's understood that the cars will be driven by former Superleague Formula driver Craig Dolby and 2012 Formula Two champion Luciano Bacheta, both of whom have worked extensively in films since their racing careers fizzled out.

Pitt and co-star Damson Idris will also drive the cars for some sequences in the coming months and have been undertaking tuition at Silverstone and Paul Ricard.

"We've been involved pretty early and I think when we had the first discussions, we sent Brad to a driving school in France, going through the formula cars from F4 all the way up," said Wolff.

The nose cone of Bradd Pitt's fictional Apple Orginals Formula 1 team in the pit lane

"And we tried to be helpful with the narrative. Lewis is an executive producer, so he wanted to make sure when the movie comes out, it's as realistic as possible.

"And we had a few laughs – but I think it's a very good narrative, and the effort they've put in, we helped them – it was Fred [Vasseur's] idea, I think – to use an F2 car and build the bodywork around it that looks like an F1 car.

"And then the garages and the pit wall, all of it, we tried to be helpful and give them the designs so they could be as realistic as possible. And then you see now, that is such an effort.

"I spoke to the director a few weeks ago and said, 'Where are you?', expecting him to tell me he's in Hollywood – but he said 'I'm in my apartment in Brackley,' so it's not all great with being a movie director!

"When you go in the garage and the whole set-up they have behind it, really unbelievable."

Offering his thoughts on the project, Ferrari team principal Vasseur added: "I think the job done on the car is amazing.

"I'm not an expert of all these things, but when you go into the garage, you have the feeling that it's a proper F1 team, and [it's] even better than some teams.

"It's amazing what they did, and I hope that it will be at the level expected because it would be a huge push for the F1."

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Hamilton "nerves" as filming begins
Hamilton has been heavily involved in the development of the F1-based film and, despite the highs of his record-breaking career, conceded to feeling 'nervous' as filming began. 

"I was here a week or two before Austria, watching Brad practice," he said when asked by Autosport about the start of shooting.

"And it's massively exciting to see it all coming together. And to know that we're finally starting to film this weekend, it's like there's nerves naturally because it's something we've been working on for so long.

"And we want everyone to love it and to really feel that we encapsulate what the essence of this sport is all about. So that's our goal. I hope we can do you proud."

Asked about the support the film is receiving from the F1 organisation he said: "I've been really incredibly grateful to them. I don't know if this would have been possible 10-plus years ago, when the old management was in place. 

"They wouldn't have perhaps seen this as an important step in terms of the sport's growth.

"But we've already seen the great work and impact of the Netflix show and I think this will take it to new heights beyond that.

Brad Pitt garage for the filming the weekend

"So yeah, I think there's so many people around the world, as you've seen already, that are so excited about this sport, wanting to learn more. 

"And the fact that we will have all the original characters that are actually on the grid, and then Brad, is pretty cool."

Hamilton downplayed any issue with the age of Pitt's character within the story, despite the actor turning 60 in December.

"Well, firstly, Brad looks like he's ageing backwards," said Hamilton. "He looks great for his age, and of course, that was a big topic at the beginning when we were discussing the first story. 

"He's super-fit, he's been training. At the end of the day, it's a movie, so there will be a Hollywood element to it that will make it believable.

"Brad's such an iconic actor, he's always done such an incredible job, so I can't tell you how excited I am to have Brad Pitt in the F1 movie. It's incredible. I think he's going to do a great job."